Fun Facts


Fun Facts

To Our Family and Friends

We are pleased to report that with the decreasing number of COVID-19 infections in Arizona, we are planning to reopen day programs in Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista and Bisbee as of April 1st 2021. We are also encouraging people we support in our residential programs to consider returning to their day programs with ISP team approval. AIRES will continue to limit community outings and visitors to both our day programs and residential programs. While we are excited to be re-opening these programs, we will still require masks, encourage social distancing, conduct COVID symptom screening and use enhanced cleaning schedules. We are hopeful that these measures, along with the increasing numbers of people who have been vaccinated against COVID, will allow us to provide safe services and supports to maintain the health of the people to whom we provide care, their families, and our staff.


Wendy M. Shaw
AIRES President & CEO

We Are Still Hiring!

We are looking for committed, compassionate people to do this essential work. Please click on the APPLY ONLINE link at the bottom right of the page.